The oldest rule in the business rule book is ‘you have to spend money, to make money’, which is why there are some entrepreneur that are hesitant on taking their business to the internet. They have this notion that they will need to spend an outrageous sum to get their message across. That’s simply not true, especially with ClickFunnels. The amount you need to spend for your online business might set you back a minimum of $12000 on the basic software from different providers and hosting alone, I haven’t even begun to calculate the amount needed for the people who will design, moderate and create programs for your website.

We can now break that mindset; ClickFunnels is the newest thing in town where they offer Hosting, and software needed for your landing page, Email Autoresponder, Split Testing, a whole lot more. It is a professionally created platform that allows you to configure and arrange your lead pages without the need for complicated code. ClickFunnels is the easiest way to create lead pages with high conversion and bring tons of clients for your business. For a minimum cost of $97 per month for their standard membership you can start to experience the benefits and using the influence it has without going through multiple providers for your online business need. Check out my ClickFunnels pricing guide here.

Yes, signing up already saves you money, but what if we can save a little more before the membership really starts to kick in? As all battles begin, we have gathered several tips to help you earn from your ClickFunnel trial, or at least make the 14 day period worth your while.

I have divided the tips into two categories, things you need to do before signing-up and things you can do after, here they are:

Before Sign-Up

 #1: Read and Be Prepared









Before you set out and start happy-clicking on your ClickFunnel, make sure you get well informed and armed with sales funnels and web ads with these books and guide:

Getting well informed on online marketing with these books will not just help you with ClickFunnels, but it will also add to your knowledge as you continue your online business. Keeping an open mind while reading these resources will usher creativity once you have started mapping out the flow of your sales funnels.

 #2: Know Your Goal

ClickFunnels is a practical and efficient way to get your message across and get the conversion you are really aiming for. The prospect of making profit may be appealing and exciting, but diving head first without any idea of the message you want to send or the main goal you have may prove to be a waste of the best trial period offer. May it be lead generation or selling products, make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want the funnel to do before starting anything.

 #3: Visualize

After you have enriched your understanding of sales funnels and ads with the books in the first tip, the third thing to do is to map out how you want the funnels to look or to come out. Designing your funnel after signing up will take expensive trial time from you while you plan out content. It is important that you already have the main goal of your funnel and how you want to send your message across. Do not worry, you won’t be creating it out of thin air, ClickFunnels offers a TON predesigned funnels that may be applicable to your business needs. Get a drawing board and start scribbling away on which lead generation and funnel you want to use, and what content you want to include.

 #4: Create

To further save valuable trial time that can be used to generate more income, before signing up, prepare your content. Since you already have a fixed goal in mind and have a sketch of how you want your funnel to look like, plugging in your context with be a piece of cake. Make sure that all the content you need and have envisioned are proofread, edited, checked for grammar and spelling errors, and ready for uploading, we can’t keep looking precious time in backtracking and editing your content just because there are items that needs changing. ClickFunnels offers ease of use with drag and drop, and you only need a few hours to put all these items together before launching your funnel.















#5: Get Your Channels Ready

There are a lot of different lead generation methods that you can utilize to reach your target market. There is Inbound Marketing, Content and SEO, websites, Blogs, Social Media, Pay-per-click ads, and more. The most popular is the use of Social Media since a lot find them trustworthy and equitable. Along with the other previous tips, this too need to be ready at an early stage.

After Sign-Up

#6: Set Up your Affiliate Account

After signing up with ClickFunnels, you will be given an Affiliate account that you need to set up on the second day. This will also generate commission from promoting ClickFunnels, which will be increase your possible revenue. Again, do not be hesitant, there are pre-made funnels and templates that you can tweak to your liking. Do not get lazy or overly eager with your main funnel and skip setting this up even on your 14 day trial period; you will be wasting a 40% commission and a chance to win a free car for signing up 100 people. This affiliate account is designed to automate and generate the income, you do not need to watch over it, all you need is to set it up and you are good to go. You can find out more about the Dream Car Contest here.

#7: Set up and Multiply

Lastly, execute! After all has been set up and launched watch as your affiliate accounts sign up people to ClickFunnels. It’s a no-brainer, you got them to sign-up, get them to promote you. Scratching each other’s back not only help both of you make commission, but this sort of paying forward helps both in disseminating your funnels in a short amount of time to the most number of people possible. There are numerous ways of earning commission and posting the affiliate link on a Facebook page is just one of them, there is always room for creativity and ingenuity. The main idea is to get your message on a funnel and get that funnel out there.

ClickFunnels has its good side and bad side, all in all, you will get two weeks of trial period for this professionally made platform that is easy to build and fully customizable. The trial alone will save you time that you would have used for building pages and coding. You may choose to sign-up after the trial period, or opt to go check out other options. If you are considering ClickFunnels, it is essential to follow these tips to maximize your 14 day trial and make the most revenue and exposure for your products.

#8: Network!

One of the most essential things needed to be succesful online is networking. There are a ton of groups on Facebook where you can meet like-minded people who are also using Clickfunnels. The best one I can think of that I am also active in is the Clickfunnels (offical) group. You can join that here.

Fill disclosure: I am a ClickFunnels affiliate and I benefit (at no cost to you) if you use my ClickFunnels affiliate link to sign up. As an added incentive for reading this far I am giving you my Chiropractor funnel, my Real Estate funnel, and my Dentist funnel absolutely for free. These are plug and play and can be used to start making money for clients immediately!

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If you have high traffic but still low conversion rates, spending money on more paid ads may get you the numbers but will not guarantee the return that you are looking for. Here are seven of the most important factors that you need to look into to diagnose and asses you landing page situation, just make sure to make changes one at a time to better isolate and amplify the results of the change.



  1. Popups

All though pop-ups are popular and has become a trend over the years for online business, make sure that these do not distract prospective clients from your main goal. Ads that pop-up in a couple of seconds to ask for the email or pitch a subscription may ultimately drown out what you have in mind and just push people away. There was a time I thought my computer got infected with a virus because of one ad I clicked on with all the pop-ups that I started getting in the span of a few seconds. I froze until all the pop-ups stopped and shut down my pc not minding what I was looking for. I personally don’t use pop-ups until the person has been on my landing page for 15 seconds, just my personal style though.



  1. Auto Play Video

Having a video auto play on an unsuspecting client may prove to be humiliating and might trigger them to close the window causing you to lose that conversion entirely. Auto play videos could be a double edged sword that might work both ways, make sure to provide a way to control the content as opposed to a compulsory requirement of the page. I always hate it when I have multiple pages open while conducting research and sound starts to play from somewhere which distracts me and wastes my time just looking for that page; I respond with automatically closing that page and ignoring its contents.



  1. Landing Page Design


Aesthetics is vital in any business, as they say, first impressions last. An unattractive page even if the offer is great will not have the impact and effect that it aims for. People tend to veer towards anything that attracts them visually and captivates them. If your landing page seems outdated, it might be time to redesign, remodel, and splash some new paint and move furniture on your store front. Making your landing page up-to-date and captivating to your target audience to keep their attention where you want it to be. Revamp your pages in a way that it accentuates what you want the readers to see instead of taking their eyes away from it.







  1. Content Clarity

    As they say, beauty is skin deep. As essential as design, we must also look into the content that we need to push across the table. Your content should be clear and concise to capture your audience’s attention at the least possible time. There is a short window where a person decides if your content is worthy of more attention or there is a need to move on to the next. If a visitor finds your topic irrelevant, inappropriate, unexciting, dull, or not stimulating enough right on the first glance, they will immediately look for a way out. Your landing page should pop out with significant information that motivates the reader to stay long enough to read your offer.



  1. Simplicity

Similarly with pop-ups, having too many forms to be filled or questions to be answered all at the same time might confuse people drawing them away from your main goal. Being offered too many things at the same time, or answering a long list of questions can be very taxing and might turn off impatient visitors. I find it particularly easy when I do not notice that I have answered twenty questions that were broken into four short pages.




  1. Substance Relevance



Nothing irritates me most than false advertising, spam, or click bait. I find it tiring to close all those unwanted and irrelevant information in order for me to get where I need to be. There are times that I feel like I am searching for that needle in a haystack when I clicked on a link and the information I am looking for is nowhere to be found. Repetition is always best for retention, I find it helpful when there are phrases or sentences in the paid ad that is repeated on the landing page, it somehow becomes embedded in their minds and overall increases conversions.



  1. Offer Appeal

It is true that we cannot please everyone, but we can have several offers that appeals to most. Attracting customers may be difficult with the different competition available, but saturating the market with the same offers in many different ways help even out the odds. Matching the right group with the right offer is beneficial to paving the way where they will be willing enough to provide the needed information or even buy.




  1. Loading Time

In this day and age, people want everything at the snap of their finger. I have a short attention span and if the page that attracted my attention on Facebook does not load within two seconds, I start clicking on the exit button. Highly likely there will be other offers available on the web from competitors and if the visitor becomes impatient, it will be easy for them to bounce and move on to the next one with the quicker loading page. Mobile devices have become a central point on a day to day basis, having a mobile view for your landing page will greatly reduce the loading time for those who are viewing your page on the go. I remember one instance where my video landing page wasn’t converting and when I checked the loading time it was 22 sec! Use this FREE tool to check your loading times.


If you are thinking of diagnosing your landing page and analyzing what you need to balance your traffic with the conversion, here is a checklist that will help you:

  1. Is the number of pop-ups in your page distracting and takes away the attention from the main goal?
  2. Is your loading time more than two seconds?
  3. Are the videos on the landing page on auto play?
  4. Do you only have one view for landing page for web browsing and mobile?
  5. Is your content too complex and difficult to understand?
  6. Do you have one general offer and landing page for your client base?
  7. Did we skip proofreading and are voiding grammar and spelling errors?
  8. Does your landing page point to many things instead of just one goal?
  9. Are the images on your landing page distracting as opposed to having few but relevant items?
  10. Is it not aesthetically pleasing and captivating?
  11. Does your landing page lack trust signals such as recommendations and brand logos?
  12. Do you convoluted headlines that are take too much to understand?
  13. Does your page have a lot of forms to fill where visitors still need to scroll through the page?
  14. Is there an insufficient thought continuity with your paid ads and your landing page?

If you answered mostly ‘yes’ to all these questions, I suggest that it is about time you revamp your landing page increase the return of your investment. Trying one of the enumerated changes above one at a time will surely maximize you efforts as well as the results on your conversion.


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There’s a lot of fluff, nonsense and quite frankly heaping piles of BS out there on the internet when it comes to this subject so I decided to put it all to rest with an honest Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages review. LeadPages is a landing page development tool which delivers high page conversion for internet marketers. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is a (relatively) newer product which brings end-to-end tools for the online marketing. For any internet marketer, these are important tools which help make selling and conversions easier to accomplish. Although they compete in the same space, these two sales and landing page development tools are sufficiently different.


The only way to compare these two products would be to discuss their common features. At the same time it is important to mention how these two differ and why that is significant for any marketer.